Padmini (Mini) Thakkar, MD

Family Physician

Board Certified 


300 Fox Glen

Barrington, IL 60010

Padmini (Mini) Thakkar, MD, is board certified in Family Medicine and has been in practice in the Barrington area since 1979. She completed her residency at St. Josephs Hospital in Chicago, Illinois and is on the staff of the Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington.


Dr. Thakkar treats patients all ages and believes in a holistic approach to Family Medicine and treating not just the disease but the "total person".  Dr. Thakkar's passion is  weight loss . Consultations are on a one to one basis, physician to patient oriented, customized to fit each individual's needs. She is especially committed to preventive care and female health issues. In addition to offering pelvic exams, pap smears and physicals, Dr. Thakkar focuses on preventative care - high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, sleep disorders and osteoporosis. Through the use of bone density scans and ultrasound, she can treat osteoporosis and musculo-skeletal pain.  


Dr. Thakkar also handles auto accident and worker compensation cases.  She is very compassionate and caring towards her patients.  

Dr. Padmini Thakkar


"Dr. Mini Thakkar has been our family physician for 33 years. She has proven to be a knowledgeable dedicated professional and one of the best diagnosticians we have experienced. We have endured some serious medical issues in our family history. Some of our members would not be with us today without the services provided by this medical practice. Good family physicians are difficult to find in this changing medical age. This is a good one."


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