300 Fox Glen 
Barrington, IL
Dr. Padmini (Mini) Thakkar

Family Physician    Board Certified
I have been using the Cpap machine since 2013. My sleep has improved since using the machine. I wake up feeling refreshed and have more energy to do the activities I could not do before due to feeling tired.
I have been using my machine for about 6 years. Before I started using my machine I was always very tired. In the morning I felt fine, but within an hour or so I  started to feel sleepy. I would fall asleep in church or even watching TV. I had no control over falling asleep. While driving one morning I feel asleep at the wheel and had an accident. Thankfully I didn't get hurt. Now I feel more rested in the morning and I have more energy to do my housework. I wouldn't give up my CPAP machine for anything.

I have been using a CPAP machine for at least 3 years. Recently I Changed to a new company for CPAP services and I love it. My old machine was noisy and did not have a humidifier attachment. On my old machine the pressure was set at one constant level which interfered with my asthma. The new machine is great and I'm sleeping better than ever. The new mask is much smaller then before. It doesn't feel like I have one on. The pressure is regulated by my breathing not the machine setting. all in all a great machine. I wouldn't sleep without it.

J. Wahl