Microdermabrasion Services

Non-invasive, no down time. Improves the appearance of sun damage, fine l
ines, wrinkles, age spots, and softens superficial blemishes and acute scarring.
Microdermabrasion is one of the most sought after aesthetic procedures. It’s
easy and painless. Our patented hand piece gently traces over your skin, delivering
sterile micro-crystals that gently exfoliate your skin. Simultaneously, a vacuum
whisks away the exfoliated skin and excess crystals, leaving your face instantly


Professional grade skin care products to enhance the effect of your treatments and
to improve the health of your skin. Our products are at the forefront of skin care development,
specializing in anti-aging/rejuvenation, hyperpigmentation, and acne

Patient Testimonial

“Dr. Padmini Thakkar is an amazing doctor. I can share volumes of my own medical experiences
where she has applied her intellectual ability and her medical knowledge to treat my
ailments quickly, with cutting edge technology and most importantly, with compassion. I
believe that the compassion element is the heart of her treatment because it can liberate
you from ignoring the symptoms. She understands . . . Most recently, I went to her with a
middle-age acne breakout on my face which was very painful physically and emotionally, as
my business puts me in the public eye. She treated me immediately with a combination approach
and literally, in three days my skin was perfectly clear. It was a miracle! I am so
thankful for her!”

Betty Nissen

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Padmini (Mini) Thakkar, MD, SC

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